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1. STRUCTURE. The 3rd  Annual Cross Industry  International  Conference and Networking “Technology  Transfer  and Innovation 2015” (TTI  2015). The event will be held during 10th and 11th of November 2015 in Prague (Czech Republic), and includes a conference  day and Brokerage/partnering day.

- General conference info: http://www.questreach.com
- b2b brokerage info: https://www.b2match.eu/cross-industrypartnering2015

2. CONFERENCE REGISTRATION. To register a delegate should fill the electronic registration form (pdf), save it under different name and send to tti@pradec.eu. The organiser, after accepting the RF, will issue  the invoice.

3. B2B REGISTRATION. Online promo profile registration for b2b part of conference: https://www.b2match.eu/cross-industrypartnering2015/registration We advise you to register in the shortest possible time as more visitors can see your profile and your offers/requests, and more face-to face meetings can be booked to you

- Results of b2b Day TTI-2013: http://www.b2match.eu/cross-industrypartnering2013
- Results of b2b Day TTI-2012: http://www.b2match.eu/cross-industrypartnering2012

- Basic website of TTI-2015: http://www.questreach.com
- Brokerage website/system: http://www.b2match.eu/cross-industrypartnering2015
- Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PragueDevelopmentCenter

6. DELEGATE SPEAKING (limited). If you wish to speak on the first day (conference), please fill Delegate Speaking Form (title and abstract pf presentation). The Program Committee reserves the exclusive right to include a delegate to the final schedule of speaker presentations.

7. SPEED DATING (limited). “First-come, first-served” rule  will be used to model the order of this session. If you plan to make 2-3 min. short promo speech to the event audience, you are strongly advised to mark this option [09:00 - 11:00 Speed-dating speeches (9:00 - 11:30)] in online registration schedule: https://www.b2match.eu/cross-industrypartnering2015/registration

- Publishing page: http://academicpublishingplatforms.com/volume.php?journal=PICP&id=7&number=6
- Call for papers also available at: http://www.questreach.com/component/content/open-program/68/open-call-
- After conference registration, delegates will be able to submit their research articles to consider for publishing in the Proceedings of the conference. After the  initial selection of papers by Program Committee and subsequent review  by external experts the   accepted papers  will be included into Conference materials for publication in online and hard print.

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