Technology Transfer Office

Integration of innovative solutions for energy efficiency and intelligent urban environment

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  • Creating an operational unit for the project realisation.
  • Reconstruction of the premises for the purposes of TTO PROINNO.
  • Purchase of office furniture and office equipment.
  • Organisation of  meetings with the creators of new knowledge and filling in of specialised forms for their innovative research / results with opportunities for offering to business and their inclusion in the virtual office / library database.
  • Identification of enterprises (mainly SMEs) with activities conforming to the thematic profile of TTO PROINNO, with the aim to establish interaction with them and discussing / offering of innovative results for their integration in production or as a basis for joint projects and their inclusion the virtual office / library database.
  • Preparation of business-driven: research, including marketing research, expert statements and evaluations; preparation of analyses and studies; provision of consultancy services for production processes optimisation.
  • Selection of two environment friendly energy technologies and one environmental friendly chemical technology with the aim to support the activities related to the acquisition of intellectual property  rights: one patent and two utility models.
  • Elaboration of technical assessments of environment friendly innovative technologies – 3.
  • Elaboration of financial and economic evaluations of innovative technologies – 3.
  • Providing support for the optimisation of two selected environment friendly energy technologies and one green chemical technology for their future implementation in production.
  • Consulting services for experimental implementation of green technologies – 2.
  • Consulting service for pilot implementation of innovative solutions in the building sector – 2.
  • Selection of an innovative  technology for the development of experimental model/prototype in the field of green technologies (for demonstration) – 1, with the aim to test and analyse the results in order to assess its suitability for practical application.
  • Conducting meetings of the Executive Council and Expert Council, incl. joint meetings aiming at ongoing control.
  • Organising and conducting workshops and thematic information training seminars together with business representatives.
  • Creating and maintaining the TTO PROINNO’s website.
  • Creating and maintaining a virtual office library – a database of business and technology profiles.
  • Creation and dissemination of information materials concerning the activities and results of the project implementation – signs, brochures, flyers, etc.
  • Independent financial audit and final report of the project.

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