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Integration of innovative solutions for energy efficiency and intelligent urban environment

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The main objective of the TTO PROINNO is to enhance the interaction and to build an effective link: “science – business – market” by providing of systematic consulting services, supporting the transfer of ecological solutions and technologies, environment friendly and energy-saving technologies, technologies related to health and quality of life, green and sustainable building, improving the quality of the urban area environment, intelligent systems for sustainable development and etc.

To encourage the collaboration between the creators of knowledge: research organisations and companies from various sectors of the economy in the search of innovative solutions in the key areas: energy efficiency and new sources of energy, environment and ecological resource management, new technologies for sustainable transport, communications.

The specific objectives and tasks of TTO PROINNO are related with the establishment of adequate proinnovative environment and business infrastructure in support of the applied potential and the transfer of innovative applied research products and services ready for commercialisation and / or for increase of the efficiency and productivity of SMEs in the country.

TTO PROINNO aims to achieve the main and specific objectives of Priority Axis 1 of the Operational Program: “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy” in support of innovation activities and improvement of proinnovative infrastructure through the creation of new technology transfer offices in the city of Sofia.

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