Technology Transfer Office

Integration of innovative solutions for energy efficiency and intelligent urban environment

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All services are free within the frame of the project implementation.

We invite all interested parties and stakeholders to contact us.

  • Promoting the innovative activity of research units, increasing the competitiveness of enterprises through the optimisation of production and the associated costs, increasing the capacity of enterprises and the efficiency of the services they provide, encouraging and providing support for corporate social and environmental progressive behaviour and responsibility.
  • Conducting workshops for the presentation of innovative solutions to companies from the target group.
  • Engineering and technical consulting services for optimising industrial technologies.
  • Marketing analyses, evaluation of the innovative potential, monitoring and evaluation of the effects of innovative solutions implementation.
  • Consultations on intelligent solutions transfer in the field of energy efficiency, eco-and energy-saving technologies, technologies related to health and quality of life, green and sustainable development, improvement of the environment quality in urban conditions, intelligent systems for sustainable development.
  • Commercialisation, intellectual property rights, patents and utility models: patent and licensing activities related to search, applying for, maintaining of inventions and utility models, trademarks, know-how.
  • Project proposal preparation, including joint projects between companies and research organisations in order to participate in the competitive procedures of OP “Competitiveness”, FP7 of EU, Framework Programme Horizon 2020 of EU, OP “SEIG” (MES), National Innovation Fund (MEE), the EU  Structural Funds programs in the new programme period 2014 – 2020.
  • Conducting thematic training seminars: ecology, renewable energy sources, and „smart cities”.

Duration period of the project: December 2012 – December 2014.

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


OP “Development of the Competitiveness


Joint Innovation Centre


GIS - Transfer Center Foundation